Marie and PlayMates

Come join my circle of friends and play with us as we continue to explore our social and sexual desires.
Most members have an interest in intimate encounters between old and new friends. Adult Non swingers and nudist welcome.

Do you want some of this?

New member, in order to maintain our private membership status and offer to you a safe and secure haven to enjoy socializing or swinging we will continue to require you to submit a reservation request as well as meet with me at the on set of your first visit to review with you our rules.

My goal is to provide a private and secure no pressure setting where all can relax and socialize.
Those who are interested may enjoy a sensual, sexual encounter.
We are a Private Membership Club. The membership and party fee is collected, to off set cost.

General Rules of Etiquette:
Ladies, you may always choose to say "No." Be firm, but polite.
Gentlemen, if she said "no thanks," time to move on to another.