Private Social Club
Hosting: Meet and Greet Social followed by a full on premises party.

  for Couples, Single females and Invited Males.

Temporary 60 day membership. $30.00

Membership request as a COUPLE:
From- Both First Names  
From- Both Last Name(s) 
Birth dates: MM/DD/YR His-dob.   Her-dob.
From- Email address (xxxx@xxxx.xxxx) 
Your Postal ZipCode?   Your mailing address.  
We wish to attend as a: Female/Male Couple

You will be asked to present a photo ID at the on set of your 1st event.
Attendance is to certify that you are over 21 years of age,
and hold the same philosophy as stated on our opening home page and you will observe all government rules and regulations.
You also declare that you are seeking to attend these Socials of your own free will as a private-person.

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